Welcome to the Second Brigade

Home of the “Wild Deuces”

“We may be Second, but we’re better than you!”

Brigade Awards

The Second Brigade covers all of STARFLEET Region 02, primarily located in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi and Puerto Rico including the Southern Islands. We are an organizational unit of STARFLEET Marine Corps (SFMC), affiliated with STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association.

GuidonStreamerStreamerStreamerStreamer 78th Blue Blazers
USS Khai Tam • Tallahassee, FL
Raye Crews, OIC
“Show us where it hurts!”


GuidonStreamerStreamerStreamerStreamerStreamerStreamerStreamer 601st Blue Snakes
USS San Juan • Carolina, PR
Frances Curington, OIC
“Fatum Nos Elegit”
GuidonStreamerStreamerStreamerStreamerStreamerStreamer 602nd Reed’s Raiders
USS Hope • Sarasota, FL
James Reed, OIC
“First in, last out”
Guidon 617th
USS Exeter • St. Johns, FL
Allen A. Anderson, OIC
“Securing our Future”
GuidonStreamerStreamerStreamerStreamerStreamerStreamerStreamerStreamer 631st Fighting Ospreys
USS Tiberius • St. Petersburg,
FL Anne Zecca, OIC
“Wings of Steel”
Guidon 632nd Bloody Reapers
USS Premonition • Orlando, FL
Avery Mahurin, OIC
“Favors the Bold”
GuidonStreamerStreamerStreamerStreamer 646th The Steel Riders
USS Dejah Thoris• Hartselle, AL Duncan Cameron, OIC
“Strength, Honor and Steel”
GuidonStreamerStreamerStreamer 654th Steel Thunderbolts
USS Hephestus • Birmingham, AL
Neil Yawn, OIC
“Semper Invictus”
GuidonStreamerStreamerStreamerStreamer 674th Dragon’s Fury
USS Relentless • Palm Bay, FL
Wade Olson, OIC
“There is no fury like that of a dragon scorned”
678th Plundering Pirates
USS Trident • Stuart FL
James Cozine, OIC
“Take quis ye can, Licentia haud vir secundum”

686th Triton’s Fury
USS Neptune • Biloxi, MS
Sarah Toball, OIC
“Tamquam sidera caeli in multitudinem, et non est numerou”
699th Bloody Blackhawks
USS Victorious • New Port Richey, FL  Angela Lewis, OIC
“Foritude Quod Pietus.”


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