There were problems with the office of COINFOCOM and there Database.

I got a request from COINFOCOM yesterday they didn’t all the email and names of the Battalion commanders uprdated. Below is the communicate from them and what I forwards to them. I hope in the future we are on the same page.
Savander wrote:
MGN Sean “Cerberus” Niemeyer, SFMC

BDR Oliver Savander SR
OIC Second Brigade
Information that you requested:
Second Brigade Officer-in-Charge
Oliver Savander
BDR Barry Jackson
Battalion Commander:
1st Battalion:
Rodney N Yawn
2nd Battalion
Sunnie Planthold
3rd Battalion
Barbara Paul
4th Battalion
Paul Rikard
5th Battalion
Francis Curington
Niemeyer wrote:
Greetings all,

In order for all unit reports as well as the email forwarders to work I
need the most up to date and correct contact information for your BDEs.
Please have the foloowing information to me by February 18, 2011; Names and
email addresses for yourself, your BDE OIC, and BN OICs. Please note that
BN information needs to be updated any time there is a change in leadership
in your BNs, this includes if you activate or deactivate them, otherwise
reports will not get directed to the appropriate people. If you are
currently not using BNs please let me know that also.

Please send the information directly to

Semper Fidelis
BDR Oliver Savander SR
OIC Second Brigade