Academy Drive Program
In an effort to help motivate our members to become more active with Starfleet Academy and the Starfleet Marine Corps Academy, I would like to propose a new program. I suggest that we offer points to members who complete various courses from the academies. We could break it down into a couple of different categories such as over all time and over a set amount of time. For instance, Cmdr. Jones has been very active with the academy for sometime, he has completed over 900 courses. Let’s assume he far outstrips everyone else, and he is the winner of that award. We also set up a category for most points in a set amount of time, say every 4 or 6 months. Everyone who participates submits there list of classes completed during that time and the points are tallied and the winner is declared. For winning either of these two friendly competitions we come up with some suitable reward or commendation. I would also propose that different course be worth a different amount of points, i.e. FOS=10 OCC=5 OTS=3 and every other course is worth one point. We could have bonus point months also. Have members receive two points as apposed to one for each course they complete in a certain categories. I believe that this program would not only encourage our members to take advantage of the academies, but also help ensure that the chapters earn MURP and VRCP. The doubling of points in certain fields would very much help encourage that. I would also recommend that if this program is adopted that a person can’t receive a second award of overall courses completed.

LT Michael Krogh
Science Department
USS Tiberius