Stepping Down

My friends and fellow members of the STARFLEET Marine Corps, I wanted to let you know that I have come to a decision that I should step down as Deputy Commandant. I’ve discussed this with the Commandant over the last couple of weeks, and while I hoped to remain at his side and continue to serve the Corps, Bruce and I agreed that I have not been doing the job as it needs to be done. It would be unfair to him, to the General Staff, and to the Corps for me to continue on at this time.
When I was told last October that I was being laid off, my focus changed, though at that time, Bruce and I felt I should try remaining in my position. We agreed we would see how it went. Even though I have continued to be involved in the Corps and in planning for the future, mostly behind the scenes, I don’t think anyone would argue with me when I say my performance has not been up to snuff.
I was already spread pretty thin, but an extended (and frustrating) search for a full-time job after being laid off, while stringing together multiple part-time jobs, has meant I haven’t been devoting to the Corps the time and energy it, and all of you, deserve.
Bruce and I agreed on this course of action days ago, but unfortunately (as some of you have noticed for other reasons) my mail was bouncing for several days, and I didn’t want to send out an e-mail that no one would be able to respond to. The local ISP responsible for the relevant DNS settings was finally able to fix the problem last night.
It’s been an honor and a privilege working with this General Staff, and with many other members of the Corps, since Bruce and I stepped into our roles last year. I was pleased to lead the International Muster last year in the Poconos, and was tremendously grateful for the help and support from those of you who offered your experience and your time to
help make the event run smoothly.
The GS is a group of people that has already done great work, and has lots ahead of them. They have my support in their continued efforts.
Don’t worry, I’m not going away. I’ll continue to be a member of STARFLEET and the Corps, and hope to see many of you in person at Fleet and SFMC events for years to come. So far, I’m not sure whether I’m going to make it to this summer’s IC outside Memphis. My finances were already shaky, but have been decimated by months of no steady pay. I probably simply can’t afford to come, though as I’ve just started a
3/4-time job, it’s possible that will change. We shall see.
Best of luck to Bruce and to my successor as DepDant, to my friends and colleagues on the General Staff, and to the Corps.
— General Mark H. Anbinder              OIC of the 771st MSG – USS Accord            Deputy Commandant – SFMC