Duties of ECerts Certificates Officer (Ecerts Officer)
This Marine is responsible for creating and sending out electronic
certificates to Marines who:
(1) Are issued awards by authority of any member of the General Staff of
the STARFLEET Marine Corps save TRACOM as they have their own staff
(2) Awards issued by authority of any Brigade OIC of the STARFLEET
Marine Corps, when requested to do so, in writing on the appropriate form.
(3) To maintain an archive of all awards issued, organized by issuing
authority and will make this list available to the issuing authority or
their superior officers when requested.

A candidate for the post of STARFLEET Marine Corps Certificates Officer
must meet the following minimum criteria:
(1) Have regular and reliable email access, such that they will be able
to send out electronic certificates within ten (10) days of the request
for the certificates issuance,
(2) Be in possession of and proficient with such software as to allow
the swift and efficient creation of the required certificates in a
Portable Document File (.PDF) format and to do so to a level of quality
sufficient to do credit to the Corps and STARFLEET. Such standards of
quality will be established by COFORCECOM with the advice of the General
(3) Be a member of STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan
Association, Inc. and be identified in the STARFLEET Database as either
an active or Reserve member of the SFMC,
(4) Have passed the following courses from the STARFLEET Academy or the
STARFLEET Marine Corps Academy: (a) Officer Training School (OTS)
[required], Officer Command College (OCC) [preferred but not required]
and Marine Basic Training (PD-10). PD-20 is preferred, but not required.

Please Note: Candidate does not need to be a commissioned officer.

[SFMC Policy Manual, Commanding Officer, Forces Command, pg 29]


We are all here to assist the Marines under our command with the
problems and concerns. At times this requires a gentle hand and the
ability to educate. If you’re not comfortable with dealing with
confusion, frustration and the occasional angry word, this position may
not be a good fit.

There will be ‘no’ politics in this position. You may certainly have
your own opinions as to things that may be happening around you in SFI
and the SFMC, but politics stop at the office door We are here to serve
‘all’ Marines equally and without favoritism. You will find yourself
working with your friends and with those who are not you friends. You
will be required to treat them all fairly and equally.

If you’re interested, please contact me privately and provide your
resume noting both SFI/SFMC and real life skills and experiences that
would be beneficial to this position. Also a brief but reasonably
detailed Letter of Intent of what you believe would make you the best
candidate and what you would bring to this position.

All applications [resume and Letter of Intent] need to be to me NLT 18
Sept, 2015. Please use my personal email: seticat@cableone.net. Also
feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this opening.

With Regards and In Service to the Corps,

BGN Jari James