Comet Award

Comet Award
Issuing Authority: Brigade OIC

This award is given to any SFMC member who saves another person from imminent harm without risking his/her
own life in the process.

Recipient: Brigadier Angela Lewis SCC-65107

Upon making ready to leave for the feast(Sept 25), LtCmdr Jennifer Pohe suffered a major injury in her home, ending in a significant gash on her
leg. Alerted to the emergency by LtCmdr Jennifer Testardi, BDR Angela Lewis sprang into action-quickly sterilizing the wound and performing a field dressing in order to get her to the hospital. We rushed Jen to Tampa General-since she is a recent transplant patient and her records were there.

After hours of waiting, they were able to determine that the shin was not broken, and required 21 stitches, 2 being a deep mattress-style stitch to anchor the stitch line. The ER physician, Dr. Napper, complimented Angela and Jen T. on the quick thinking and application of the dressing. CMDR Michael Mayeux was also present for lift support.

We then proceeded, by her request, to the Feast. She was advised to stay off of her leg as much as possible and to change the dressing every day or when needed. She will be having the stitches out this weekend(Oct 3 or thereabouts).

Its honor to present the “COMET AWARD” to Brigadier Angela Lewis of the 2nd Brigade 2nd Battalion 699 MSG

Congratulation on receiving this award.

Major General Oliver “Iceman” Savander SR
OIC Second Brigade