2nd Brigade Awards 2016


Congratulation to all the recipients.

Major General Oliver Savander SR
OIC Second Brigade


2nd Brigade Awards 2016

All 2BDE Valor awards are chosen by Brigadier Jane Childers and the Awards & Decoration Committee, made up of several members throughout the brigade.


CROSS OF VALOR – BDR Angela Lewis (SCC: 65107)
BDR Angela Lewis of the 699th MSG exemplifies the spirit, image, and attitude of the SFMC. When LCDR Jennifer Pohe, a recent transplant patient, suffered a major injury in her home, ending in a significant gash on her leg, BDR Lewis (alerted to the emergency by LCDR Jennifer Testardi) sprang into action by quickly sterilizing the wound and performing a field dressing on the leg in order to get LCDR Pohe to the hospital.

SWORD OF VALOR – BDR Anne Zecca (SCC: 63098)
BDR Anne Zecca of the 631st MSG exemplifies the personal and professional standards of leadership in the SFMC. She was part of the local organizing committee for the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer (Ocala, FL), held 10/17/15; donated platelets at LifeSouth Community Blood Centers (Ocala, FL) on numerous occasions; attended the annual Memorial Day ceremony at the Marion County (FL) Veterans Memorial on 5/26/15, networking with local veterans; attending the Ladies Auxiliary Military Order of the Purple Heart meetings as part of her ongoing support of their causes; and volunteering at the 40th Annual British Night Watch (St. Augustine, FL), 12/6-7/14. I realize BDR Zecca may not qualify since she is on the committee, but I think that is a shame as her service is exemplary.

SHIELD OF VALOR – COL Gregory Fant (SCC: 72418)
COL Gregory Fant of the 631st MSG has made the most significant personal impact in community service efforts this past year. COL Fant’s many volunteer efforts include facilitating a support group discussion on marriage, divorce & healing on 4/17/15, at a Christian church in Arlington (VA); serving as a judge at a church community science fair for middle school-age children; and donating 10 bags of clothing to a local Goodwill center in the Arlington (VA) area.

LEGION OF VALOR – 602nd MEU [BGN James Reed (SCC: 51301), OIC]
The 602nd MEU exemplifies the spirit, image and attitude of the SFMC as shown by their level of volunteerism. This past year, they worked with Operation Shoebox to send care packages to US military troops overseas; worked with NVHS to help the group Veterans in America; and the American Legion Family’s Funday in their local area.

STAR OF VALOR – No nomination
CADET STAR OF VALOR – No nomination

Streamer Awards:

Reporting Award:





78th MSG “Blue Blazers” (USS Khai Tam)

601st MSG “The Blue Snakes” (USS San Juan)

631st MSG “Fighting Ospreys” (USS Tiberius)

632nd MSG “Bloody Reapers” (USS Premonition)

646th MSG “The Steel Riders” (USS Dejah Thoris)

654th MSG “Steel Thunderbolts” (USS Hephaestus)

674th MSG “Dragon’s Fury” (USS Relentless)

686th MSG “Devil Dogs” (USS Neptune)

699th MSG “Fortitude and Compassion” (USS Victorious)

Recruiting Award:

646th MSG “The Steel Riders” (USS Dejah Thoris)

686th MSG “Devil Dogs” (USS Neptune)

BDE Staff Service Award:

BDE OIC: MGEN Oliver Savander, Sr. (SCC: 63097), 631st MSG

BDE DOIC: BDR Anne Zecca (SCC: 63220), 631st MSG

1BN OIC: LGEN Neil Yawn (SCC: 31135), 654th MSG

2BN OIC: BDR Angela Lewis (SCC: 65107), 621st MSG

4BN OIC: COL Mike Brown (SCC: 69324), 686th MSG

5BN OIC: COL Francis Curington (SCC: 67311), 601st MSG

OPS: BDR Duncan Cameron (SCC: 54077), 646th MSG

CHAPLAIN: COL Michael McBride (SCC: 69997), USS Hope

ADJ: BGEN Mark Anderson (SCC: 61429), 699th MSG

SECURITY: FCAPT James Cozine (SCC: 33219), 678th MSG

AWARDS: BDR Jane Childers (SCC: 67299), 646th MSG

R&R: BDR Stephen Satonick (SCC: 68676), 631st MSG

Brigade Service Commendation

Major General Mark Anderson SCC-61429

Brigadier Duncan Cameron SCC-54077

Brigadier Angela Lewis SCC-65107

Brigadier General James Reed SCC-51301

Brigadier Stephen Satonick SCC-68676

Lieutenant General Neil Yawn SCC-31135

Brigade Achievement Award

Major General Mark Anderson SCC-61429

Brigadier Duncan Cameron SCC-54077

Brigade Angela Lewis SCC-65107

General Barbara Paul SCC-13697

Brigadier Stephen Satonick SCC-68676

Meritorious Unit Citation (With streamer)

602nd MSG

CAPT McBride , Michael James SCC-69997

CMDR McBride , Victoria SCC-70272

BGN Reed , James SCC-51301

FCAPT Reed ms, Rosalyn SCC-51754

CAPT Wade ms, Stephanie SCC-52668

621st MSG

Brigadier Cynthia Cook SCC:66805

CDT 2LT Noah Cook SCC:67087

Lieutenant Susan Post SCC-69092

631st MSG

Brigadier Anne Zecca SCC: 63220

Colonel Dixie Savander SCC: 63098

Colonel Gregory Fant SCC: 72418

Second Lietenant Danielle-Marie Fant SCC: 73759

Marine Captain Macauley Mcmenemy SCC: 65944

Major Glenn Newsome SCC: 64764

Brigadier General Douglas Reagan SCC: 66273

First Lieutenant Ronald Rozier SCC: 73396

Brigadier Stephen Satonick SCC: 68676

Colonel Adam Wenclewicz SCC: 66462

Marine Captain Nancy Witte-Dycus SCC: 71620

Colonel Russell Witte-Dycus SCC: 70230

Brigadier Anne Zecca SCC: 63220

Lieutennt Becci Bradbury SCC: 65945

Commodore Nancy O’Shields SCC: 50745

Lieutennt Commander Gary Emerson SCC: 70220

CAPT Michael Krogh SCC: 52290

Major General Oliver Savander SR SCC-63097

646th MSG

Brigadier Duncan Cameron, SCC-54077

Brigadier Jane Childers, SCC-67299

CDT Era Childers, SCC-67300

Fleet Captain Richard Childers, SCC-67298

CDT Robert Childers, SCC-67301

MaJor William Knopes, SCC-70963

Lieutenant Bryan Teske, SCC-71155

Second Lieutenant Stig Crandall, SCC-72835

Second Lieutenant David Dean, SCC-72509

674th MSG

General Wade Olson, SCC-31632

General Linda Olson, SCC-30869

Capt Dominique Lacey, SCC-31340,

Capt Jacob Lacey, SCC-620665,

Micah Lacey, SCC-65522,

Nathan Lacey, SCC-65521,

LCDR Jonathan Oakley, SCC-31341

MCPT Heather Olson, SCC-55977

LTC Ken Olson, SCC-52564

MCPT Lindsey, SCC-55976

686th MSG

Commander Sarah Toball SCC:69388

Commander Fallo , Don SCC:69374

Captain Brown , Michael SCC Number:69324

P1CGibson , Alexander Gareth SCC:72726

Commodore Smith , Abe J SCC Number:21395

Ensign Vercher, John Manuel SCC:73327

699th MSG

Brigadier Angela Lewis SCC: 65107

Rear Admiral Mark Anderson SCC: 61429

Colonel Daniel Sloan SCC: 65126

Community Service Citation

Brigadier Angela Lewis (SCC: 65107)

Brigadier Anne Zecca (SCC: 63220)

Joint Service Ribbon

For Klingon Feast Florida – 9/26-30/15 (Daytona Beach, FL). Unless otherwise specified, nominees are from 2BDE/Region 2

Major General Mark Anderson (SCC: 61429)

Brigadier General Cynthia Cook (SCC: 66805)

Brigadier Angela Lewis (SCC: 65107)

Commander Denise Liddell (SCC: 68004)

Fleet Captain Norm Liddell (SCC: 68003)

Brigadier Angela Lewis (SCC: 65107)

Major General Oliver Savander Sr. (SCC: 63097)

Major General Barry Jackson (SCC: 52343) 1BDE

Captain Andy McDonald (SCC: 70340) 3BDE

Marine Captain Denzil Miracle (SCC: 73091) 3BDE

Naval Unit Citation (certificate)

USS Dejah Thoris

USS Neptune

USS Hephaestus

USS Victorious

USS Tiberius

The marines that attended the 2BDE Muster at the R2 Summit in Daytona Beach (FL) on 3/28/15, and Final Mission. At the event we didn’t have an Honor Guard. Unless otherwise specified, nominees are from 2BDE/Region 2.

FINAL MISSION participants
Major General Mark Anderson (SCC: 61429)
Captain Catherine Barbree (SCC: 44532)

Fleet Captain James Cozine (SCC: 33219)

General Raye Crews (SCC: 44357)

Lieutenant Colonel Fred Crews (SCC: 60463)

Commodore Richard Graham (SCC: 56009)

Commander Denise Liddell (SCC: 68004)

Major General DJ O’Brien (SCC: 45325)

Lieutenant Mark Wright (SCC: 70421)

Rear Admiral Hayden Segal (SCC: 22906), Region 1/VCS