2nd Brigade REPORT August 2016

STARFLEET Marine Corps
Brigade Report Form v3
Date and time submitted: Sat Aug 20 10:36:31 PDT 2016
Brigade:  2
Reporting month: August
Reporting officer: Douglas Sanyo Reagan
E-mail: dreagan@bellsouth.net
Nickname: Wild Deuces
Motto: “We may be Second, but we’re better than you!”
Brigade OIC (name and rank): LGEN Oliver Savander SR
Brigade OIC e-mail: 2ndbde@sfi-sfmc.org
Brigade DOIC (name and rank): BDR Anne Zecca
Brigade DOIC e-mail: anne_sb04@yahoo.com
Units reporting:
1st Battalion:
654 MSG, 646 MSG
2nd Battalion:
78 MSG, 602 MSG, 617 MSG, 631 MSG, 632 MSG, 674 MSG, 678 MSG, 699 MSG
3rd Battalion: None at present.
4th Battalion:
686 MSG
5th Battalion:
601st MSG
Units NOT reporting:
All Units Reporting
Brigade strength (active/reserve): 34/35
Brigade roster:
1st Battalion:
654 MSG:
LGN Rodney Yawn, 31135, 11/30/2016, A
FCAPT Roy Green, 19940, 06/04/2016, R
LTJG James Davis, 72096, 08/31/2016, R
646 MSG
BDR Duncan Cameron, 54077, 09/07/2016, A
BDR Jane Childers, 67299, 09/04/2016, R
CDT/3C Era Childers, 67300, 09/04/2016, R
FCAPT Richard Childers, 67298, 09/04/2016, R
CDT/3C Robert Childers, 67301, 09/04/2016, R
CAPT William Knopes, 70963, 06/16/2016, R
LCDR Bryan Teske, 71155, 08/13/2016, R
LTJG Stig Crandall, 72835, 08/13/2016, R
LTJG David Dean, 72509, 08/15/2016, R
2nd Battalion:
78 MSG:
GEN Raye Crews, 44357, 07/15/2016, A
LTC Fred Crews, 74682, 07/15/2016, A
REC Joseph Taylor Crews, 74681, 07/15/2016, A
BGEN Richard Graham, 56009, 03/10/2017, A
COL Catherine Barbree, 44532, 04/21/2017, A
602 MSG:
BGEN James Reed, 51301, 04/03/2017, A
LCDR Andrea Debrestian, 73895, 08/05/2016, R
FCAPT Michael James McBride, 69997, 11/26/2016, R
FCAPT Rosalyn Reed, 51754, 04/03/2017, R
CAPT Stephanie Wade, 52668, 04/03/2017, R
617 MSG:
CAPT Allen Anderson, 70987, 6/13/2016, R
CAPT Steve Lezak, 71203, 6/24/2017, R
631 MSG:
BDR Anne Zecca, 63220, 06/20/2016, A
COL Dixie Savander, 63098, 04/17/2017, A
LGEN Oliver Savander, 63097, 04/17/2017, A
MAJ Macauley Mcmenemy, 65944, 06/13/2016, A
BGEN Douglas Sanyo Reagan, PhD., 66273, 09/01/2017, A
BDR Stephen Satonick, 68676, 10/27/2016, A
COL Adam Wenclewicz, 66462, 11/30/2016, A
COL Russell Witte-Dycus, 70230, 01/20/2017, A
COL Gregory Fant, PhD., 72418, 07/17/2017, A
MCPT Danielle-Marie Fant, 73759, 07/17/2017, A
LT Becci Bradbury, 65945, 06/13/2016, R
LCDR Angela Spugnardi, 72393, 07/14/2016, R
LT Nancy Witte-Dycus, 71620, 01/20/2017, R
CMDR Denise Liddell, 68004, 04/14/2016, R
COMM Norman Liddell, 68003, 04/14/2016, R
MAJ Eric Rains, 68710, 03/05/18, A
632 MSG:
COL Avery Mahurin, 64003, 04/21/2017, A
COL Ivan Torres, 66984, 03/22/2017, A
ENS Erik Magnell, 67497, 04/30/2016, R
CDT PVT Nichole Mahurin, 68528, 04/21/2017, A
CDT PVT Mikayla Mahurin, 68529, 04/21/2017, A
CDT PVT Joshua Mahurin, 68530, 04/21/2017, A
674 MSG:
GEN Wade Olson, 31632, 06/9/2016, A
GEN Linda Olson, 30869, 02/20/2017, A
CAPT Dominique Lacey, 31340, 02/20/2017, R
CAPT Jacob Lacey, 620665, 02/20/2017, R
CDT Micah Lacey, 65522, 06/9/2016, R
CDT Nathan Lacey, 65521, 06/9/2016, R
LCDR Jonathan Oakley, 31341, 02/20/2017, R
MCPT Heather Olson, 55977, 06/09/2016, A
LTC Ken Olson, 52564, 06/09/2016, A
MCPT Lindsey Olson, 55976, 06/09/2016, A
678 MSG:
FCAPT James Cozine, 33219, 05/20/2016, R
RADM Jack Eaton, 33875, 03/27/2017, R
CDT Elizabeth Babb, 65736, 04/01/2017, R
COMM Alejandro Barreiro, 63798, 01/02/2017, R
LGEN Rosa C. Jackson, 11000, 11/26/2016, R
699 MSG:
BDR Angela Lewis, 65107, 09/15/2016, A
RADM Mark Anderson, 61429, 06/01/2016, R
COL Daniel Sloan, 65126, 03/16/2017, A
3rd Battalion:
None at present.
4th Battalion:
686 MSG:
CMDR Sarah Toball, 69388, 06/08/2016, R
CMDR Don Fallo, 69374, 06/19/2016, R
CAPT Michael Brown, 69324, 05/22/2016, R
P1C Alexander Gareth Gibson, 72726, 10/12/2016, A
COMM Abe J. Smith, 21395, 01/18/2016, R
LCDR Tony Durham, 70218, 03/01/2017, R
ENS Chip Lechner, 74646, 03/01/2017, R
LT Matthew Duprel, 74827, 03/04/2017, R
5th Battalion:
601 MSG:
LTC Frances Curington, 67311, 09/17/2016, A
LTC Luis Nieves, 67764, 08/28/2016, A
MAJ Lyd-Marie Rodriguez, 67330, 09/17/2016, A
LTJG Juan Resto, 68086, 08/16/2015, R
ENS Nicolas Pagan, 67735, 11/16/2016, R
MID Zayra Rivera, 69756, 09/17/2016, A
LTJG Israel Cordero, 69255, 09/16/2016, R
ENS Olga Enid Nieves, 69256, 06/05/2016, R
Changes to roster:
686 MSG: LT Matthew Duprel, 74827, 03/04/2017, R (Newly Assigned)
621 MSG:      CHAPTER: USS Poseidon
OIC: BDR Cynthia Cook, 66805, 03/16/2017, A
Deactivated by Order of OIC, 2BDE and CO, FORCECOM 07/28/2016
LTC Glenn Newsome, 64764, 06/20/2016, A (Membership Expired)
COMM Nancy O’Shields, 50745, 06/27/2016, R (Membership Expired)
ENS Davey Duhan, 74631, 03/03/2018, A (No Longer SFMC Reservist)
Strike groups activated:
ID, OIC and DOIC contact info
Strike groups desctivated:
621 MSG:      CHAPTER: USS Poseidon
OIC: BDR Cynthia Cook, 66805, 03/16/2017, A
Deactivated by Order of OIC, 2BDE and CO, FORCECOM 07/28/2016
Changes in leadership:
BGN Douglas Sanyo Reagan, COO-2BDE acted as direct communications for OIC and appointed as Acting OIC until LTG Savander was transferred to Medical Rehabilitation unit. DOIC-2BDE unable to be contacted by email or phone directly. BGN Reagan given access to allow him to provide BDE reports to FORCECOM. COFORCECOM kept advised during this process.
Awards issued:
GEN Wade Olson, 31632, 06/9/2016, A, Commandants Campaign Award
GEN Linda Olson, 30869, 02/20/2017, A, Commandants Campaign Award
LGN Rodney Yawn, 31135, 11/30/2016, A, Good Conduct Ribbon
Awards requested:
602 MSG: BGN James Reed, 51301, 04/03/2017, A
SFMC Community Service and Leader’s Commendation.
RADM Mark Anderson, 61429, 06/01/2016, R
Good Conduct Ribbon
Awards denied:
Type award, nominee, and reason for denial.
Brigade activities:
1st Battalion:
654 MSG:
“LTG Yawn preformed 14 Hours volunteer service to Brookside Fire Rescue. 2LT Davis on Away Mission in Afghanistan. No details available.
BDR Green renewed SFI membership.”
646 MSG:
“Due to recent change in leadership, the unit has been reviewing its Branch,
Nickname, and Motto. These are all expected to change in the future.
The unit is also working to schedule events and select a military based
volunteer service to support.
Members of the unit participated in an away mission to view the new Star
Trek movie on July 24th.”
2nd Battalion:
78 MSG:
“Had a meeting and annual Khai Tam convention. Members from far away met at the COs house for a weekend of fun and entertainment. Also members attended new Star Trek movie.”
602 MSG:
No significant unit activity to report for this period.
617 MSG:
“June 2 – Fraternal Order of the Eagles local Aerie 3496- Officer -installed
as and performed as Conductor – 2.5 hours, June 13-19 – Attended and helped at the Fraternal Order of Eagles Florida State convention. put in 7 hours a day assisting in various areas – 42 hours, June 16 – Fraternal Order of the Eagles local Aerie 3496- Officer – Conductor -2.5 hours, July 2 – attended Fraternal Order of Eagles – purchased and setup new router and troubleshoot issues with system – 4 hours, July 4 – Attended Fraternal Order of the Eagles July 4th celebration – about 200 people there, worked in kitchen 3 hours worked as barback – 9 hours – 12 hours total, July 7 – Fraternal Order of the Eagles local Aerie 3496- Officer – Conductor – 2.5 hours, July 9 – Fraternal Order of Eagles local Aerie 3496 International Dinner plus barback – 13 hours, July 10th – Fraternal Order of the Eagles local Aerie 3496 – Breakfast – 6 hours, District 4 meeting – 3 hours(.5 of that was as District Chaplain), barback – 7 hours, total 16 hours, July 11 – Fraternal  Order  Eagles  – reset cable
modem and router and ensured all was within nominal limits after power outage – 1 hour, setup Trustees computer for picture and video transfer, transferred all pictures and video from camera to computer…. 1 hour “
631 MSG:
“Chapter/unit meeting/BBQ was scheduled for July, 2016.  Later planned
chapter activities were postponed due to the recent hospitalization of
OIC LTG Oliver Savander, who is hopitalized in Seminole, FL.
BDR Anne Zecca donated platelets at LifeSouth Community Blood Centers
(Ocala, FL) on 7/22/2016.  A triple amount was donated, to help cancer and leukemia patients with their treatments.
BDR Stephen Satonick donated 2 bags of clothes and 2 bikes to a local
Goodwill center in CT on 7/26/2016.”
632 MSG:
No significant unit activity to report for this period.
674 MSG:
“Went to see, STAR TREK, Beyond and Ghost Busters. Took a trip to Tennessee for 4th of July weekend. Recycled: Plastic, Card Board, and Aluminum Collected: Can Tabs, Soup Labels, and Cancelled Stamps. Movie Nights at the CO’s house:
(ST II: The Wrath of Khan, ST III: The Search for Spock, ST IV: The Journey Home, ST V: The Final Frontier, ST VI: The Undiscovered Country, ST VII: Generations, ST VIII: First Contact, ST IX: Insurrection, ST X: Nemesis, ST XI: STAR TREK, ST XII: In To Darkness, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Lethal Weapon, Lethal Weapon II, Under Siege II).”
678 MSG:
No significant unit activity to report for this period.
699 MSG:
“Cookouts/meetings at 2nd Officers place–discussed upcoming events–IC–and around the Tampa Bay area–ComicCon 8/5-8/7–Star Wars actors Ian McDermid (Emperor Palpetine) and Ray Park (Darth Maul) will attend. Necronomicon and a new MegaCon coming to Tampa in October–same weekend–Timothy Zahn at Necro (Star Wars author)–Dr. Who guests David Tennant, Billy Piper and Alex Kingston at MegaCon along with William Shatner and the new Dr. McCoy, Karl Urban”
3rd Battalion:
4th Battalion:
686 MSG:
“Will be participating in the Commandant’s Reading Challenge and is also looking into hosting a Wilderness Challenge (Possibly November, 2016). Unit Activities: June 4th, Sandwiches and Sci-Fi at McAlister’s Biloxi, June 18th, Geek Yard Sale, Ocean Springs, June 25th, Saturday Matinee, McAlister’s Biloxi, July 2nd, Sandwiches and Sci-Fi at McAlister’s Biloxi, July 23rd, Saturday Matinee, McAlister’s Biloxi, July 23rd, Business Meeting, McAlister’s Biloxi.”
5th Battalion:
601 MSG:
“July 20, 2016 — Star Trek Beyond Premiere & History of the Future Exhibition @ Caribbean Cinemas, Guaynabo, PR. Attended by members of 601st MSG and USS San Juan.”
SFMC Challenge Data:
2nd Battalion:
Anne Zecca (63220):
Star Wars Battlefront: Twilight Company, Alexander Freed
ISBN:  978-0-345-51121-8, 397 pages.
Star Wars: Dark Disciple, Christie Golden
ISBN:  978-1-101-88495-9, 379 pages.
Star Wars: A New Dawn, John Jackson Miller
ISBN:  978-0-553-39286-9, 383 pages.
674 MSG:
GEN Linda Olson (30869):
Saint Odd, Dean Koontz
ISBN 978-0-345-54587-9, 338 pages.
Soldier of Light, John DeLancie and Rom Cool
ISBN 0-671-035295-9, 317 pages.
Robert B Parker’s Damned if You, Michael Brandman
ISBN 978-0-399-15950-3, 271 pages.
Night tales, Nightshade and Night Smoke, Nora Roberts
ISBN 0-373-28512-4, 475 pages.
Side Show, Rick Shelley
ISBN 0-441-00123-8, 232 pages.
Night Tales, Night Shift and Night Shadow, Nora Roberts
ISBN 0-373-48410-0, 382 pages.
Driftwood Point, Mariah Stewart
ISBN 978-1-4767-9259-0, 368 pages.
Brimstone, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
ISBN 0-446-53143-X, 497 pages.
To the Nines, Janet Evanovich
ISBN 0-312-26586-7, 312 pages.
Relic, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
ISBN 0-765-35494-2, 468 pages.
(Total pages: 3660)
GEN Wade Olson (31632):
The Red Badge of Courage, Stephen Crane, Ventura, 55b, 131 pages.
The Wrecker, Clive Cussler
ISBN 978-0-399-15599-4, 470 pages.
Valhalla Rising, Clive Cussler
ISBN 0-399-14787-x, 531 pages.
(Total pages: 1132)
“1 NB OIC:  2 BDE OIC, 1 BN OIC, & CO USS Longbow have been in email
discussions.  Only actions needed are to get all paperwork done for unit
activation.  No problems noted.”
“BDR Angela Lewis will be moving to the Ft. Lauderdale/Plantation area in
December 2016 to continue on to medical school and to concentrate on ‘civilian life’.
Angela has spoken with and wishes to appoint BGN Douglas Reagan to assume the post as Battalion OIC in her absence. Suggested to keep BDR Lewis on as DOIC to BGN Reagan for administrative purposes.  Official transfer will be made in December, before Christmas. 2BDE OIC Notified.”
Actions taken to rectify:
699 MSG:
“OIC Notified USS Victorious CO Mark Anderson, BGN Douglas Reagan (2BN DOIC) and LGEN Ollie Savander (2BDE OIC) of official transfer of duties tentatively scheduled for December, 2016 after reports are done.”
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